About "Astorg"
The mission and values of the company

Our work is based on three main principles - effectiveness, professionalism and responsibility. Using advanced knowledge, innovative technology and our experience, we are confident we fix the position of the agricultural market of Ukraine.

A responsibility

Our responsibility is supported by our exceptional and always - we always deliver what was promised to the client, manager, employee or colleague. We are not afraid to take responsibility, and we do it consciously there and when it is necessary for compliance with the maximum interests of clients.

Customer focus

In the center of each of our service - the customer and immediate solution to his specific problems. We know what our customers live, we are able to put yourself in their place and are constantly improving their skills and their work on the basis of understanding the real motives and needs of our customers.


We respectfully appreciate the effectiveness of teamwork. In building relationships with clients, colleagues, managers and employees, we adhere to the principles of long-term relationships and depth, ready to objective dialogue, respect and recognition of the individual and its merits.

History of the company

Year of the base

Founded "TD Astorg"
His start the company received in the Eastern region of Ukraine in Kharkov in 2005. Set up a company called "SPK Veles". Several members, led by founder Natalia Alekseevna, marked the beginning of the history of "TD Astorg".


Sale of the first 100 tons per month

"SPK Veles" continues successful movement on the delicate meat market of the Eastern region. "SPK Veles" sells the first 100 tons of products per month. The company is growing and it is clear that for the further growth and development is necessary to create a company in Kiev.
The new company was named "FTD Astorga". "FTD Astorg" opens an office and warehouse in Kiev.
The purpose of "TD Astorg" - UKRAINE.
"TD Astorg" continues to grow and develop new markets.


The company - a leading player in the meat market

The area of influence is expanding expanded the product range of meat products. Our customers - the main myasopererabatyyuschie plants and large wholesalers of Ukraine. "UTD Astorg" and "SPK Veles" continue to grow and develop new markets. The company - a leading player in the meat market. "TD Astorg" dictate market conditions.


Buying "Ukrptaha" Meat Processing Plant

Buying "Ukrptaha" Meat Processing Plant
Buying a retail chain in Dnipropetrovsk (50 TT)
Buying a retail chain in Kharkov (46 TT)

Our partners

We are the official distributor
LTD "Complex Agromars" (Gavrilіvskі kurchata)

Our offices

Our company has offices throughout Ukraine, that allows to solve questions about the purchase and sale of grain, oilseed, agricultural products, wholesale of chilled and frozen poultry meat, which is produced and processed at sobstennyh production facilities located in the town Dneprodzerzhinsk factory "Ukrptahoservis". All this gives us the opportunity year after year to be leaders in their field.

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